Protecting families ... that is really the focus of Survivor Shelters!


Growing up in Oklahoma, we have seen our share of devastating tornadoes and the path of destruction that is often left behind. And yet, we are amazed at the number of homes, both rural and in our local communities, that still plan for finding shelter from a tornado by hiding in the closet or trying to drive away at the last minute.

Our President, Erin Birdsong, knows the importance of keeping your family safe. For 10 years she managed JT Septic with her husband Jason, installing shelters for most of that time. It became apparent to her that under the current model they could not provide the education and attention needed to their shelter customers. They needed a new business with a renewed commitment to safety and family.

That business is Survivor Shelters! With a commitment to customer service, every day more families trust us to keep them safe. A storm shelter can provide security and comfort in knowing that you're prepared for whatever the Oklahoma sky can throw at you. At Survivor Shelters, we do everything we can to make sure that your family has what they need to face extreme weather!


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Survivor Shelters makes it a policy to keep every model available onsite as a Demo for you and your family to see and test out.  We firmly stand behind the quality of our storm shelters and having these onsite allows everyone to see the quality both inside and out.


The lifeblood of our business is referrals from our satisfied customers. We strive in each of our endeavors to earn the trust and respect of our customers so they continue to be repeat customers and refer us to their friends and family. It is of utmost importance to us that we make 100% percent of our customers happy. 


So come by and see our selection at 17311 OK-66, Claremore, OK 74017.  Our team will gladly take the time to walk you through models so you can make an informed choice on what is the best fit for you, your family and your budget.