Fiberglass Storm Shelters

In Oklahoma, it is not a question of IF a tornado will be coming through your area, it is just a matter of WHEN and HOW BAD it will be!      


Lifesaver® Fiberglass Storm Shelters offer safe, more comfortable, quality shelters that people will ACTUALLY USE when severe tornado weather strikes.


Many people prefer these fiberglass storm shelters because of the bright, finished interior combined with the safety of the railing and nonslip steps.  Many older shelters go unused by their owners because the interiors are often scary places.  This defeats the purpose of having an underground shelter which you and your family should NOT hesitate to use during severe weather.  





1. Impact Tested Door Design provides a strong, multipoint locking mechanism while easy to open with help from gas assisted struts.


2.  Waterproof Exterior is coated with our specially blended epoxy coating providing an added barrier to the elements while creating a great looking appearance. This with our low profile door makes it easy to landscape and fit into any yard.  The shelter also comes with a watertight seal at the seam.


3.  Ultra-Bright Interior of these fiberglass shelters comes in large part due to white gelcoat coating. Gelcoat is one of the toughest and most durable coatings available and is often exposed to the harshest conditions (marine power boats, yachts, jet skis, etc.) It is smooth, easy to clean and highly reflective and will continue to look clean and inviting for years to come.  Built-in benches are comfortable and easy to wipe down.


Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer, LifeSaver Storm Shelters.


The Lifesaver Storm Shelters can be easily installed by our professional service team, or we are happy to sell them to you and let you haul one home in a standard 78” wide trailer and towed with a half ton pickup truck.

Available Fiberglass Storm Shelter Models:
Click model below to see larger image or see below for model specifications.
LS 4
LS 6
LS 8
LS 10
LS 20
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LS 4           48" x 60" x 62" tall       4 People     $3,799
LS 6           81" x 60" x 58" tall       6 People     $4,699
LS 8           80" x 65" x 73" tall       8 People     $5,699
LS 10       102" x 78" x 70" tall     10 People     $5,999
LS 12         98" x 79" x 72" tall     12 People     $6,999
LS 20       178" x 79" x 70" tall     20 People     $9,999

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