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Survivor Shelters Financing

We offer excellent options for financing storm shelters

We have several great options to choose from regardless of your credit rating. Of course, the best credit rating also receives the best interest rates. We have worked directly with Communication Federal Credit Union and Tinker Federal Credit Union to make sure their storm shelter loans can work for our shelters.


If you have credit issues or just don't want a loan commitment, you also have the option of Lease-to-Own with monthly lease payments. If you can pay the installation cost (starting at $525) and have a job, you can qualify for our Lease to Own option!


Lease To Own With No Credit Check

Lease to Own* is not a traditional loan. Rather, you start with covering the installation cost and then pay monthly to obtain full ownership of your shelter.
Lease to Own agreements are available in 24, 36, 48, and 60 months.
The Lease to Own option is available for Guardian and LifeSaver models only.


Regardless of credit history or credit score, if you can pay for the installation cost and are currently employed, you qualify for receiving a storm shelter!


Lease to Own programs are ideal if:

  • You have poor or bad credit but still have a job

  • You want a storm shelter installed but your job may be shaky or you may be relocated elsewhere before the lease agreement is up

  • You are concerned about having a multiyear loan obligation that you can't get out of easily


See CFCU Website For Best Rates

Communication Federal Credit Union wants you and your family to have a safe, convenient location when storms are near. Three years ago, they started a storm shelter program to help their members acquire the life-saving shelters that are so desperately needed. Recently, they decided to lower their rate in order to make shelters even more affordable to everyone.

CFCC is currently offering homeowners storm shelter loans at very low rates for qualified borrowers. Rates change regularly so we advise you check with them directly to see current rates for storm shelter loans.

Click below to print and complete your loan application. Return this form directly to Survivor Shelters prior to purchasing your storm shelter. 

* Rates subject to change by CFCC.

Click HERE to go to CFCC for more info.

See TFCU Website For Great Rates



Secure a loan with one of the most popular credit unions in Northeast Oklahoma, the Tinker Federal Credit Union (TFCU).  

  • As low as 2.99% APR for up to 5 years

  • 100% financing available

  • Must own property where shelter is installed

  • Pay off your balance at any time without a prepayment penalty

  • Loan amounts based on your ability to pay and credit history

  • Loan length available up to 60 months


You don't have to be an existing TFCU member to be considered for a storm shelter loan, but it does make the process a little easier. Click below to access and complete the TFCU online application.  

* Rates subject to change by TFCU.

Click HERE to go to TFCU for more info.

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