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The Guardian

Survivor Shelters installs Guardian Concrete Storm Shelters in Claremore and surrounding areas!


Do tall genes run in your family? If you or your loved ones are over 5' 9" tall, they will love the Guardian concrete storm shelter and its 6' 2" interior height. This shelter, as with all Survivor Shelter models, is designed to meet or exceed FEMA standards.


The walls and floors are four inches thick, reinforced, and waterproof concrete. The coated doors and frames lock in three areas for safety against storms while being easy to open with gas-assisted actuators. There's no need to be concerned about ventilation within our shelters. The Guardian concrete shelter is equipped with multi-vent ventilation which keeps the shelter well-ventilated and assists with keeping the interior from feeling damp and musty smelling.


Check out the Guardian concrete shelter models, features, and specifications below to see if it's a good match for your needs!

Available Guardian Models & Capacity

Screen Shot 2022-11-20 at 3.20_edited.png

5x7 Slope – 5' x 7' x 6' tall with a 6 person capacity

Screen Shot 2022-11-20 at 3.20_edited.png

6x8 Slope – 6' x 8' x 6'2" tall with a 10 person capacity

Screen Shot 2022-11-20 at 3.20_edited.png

Jumbo Slope – 6'8" x 10' x 6'2" with a 16 person capacity 

Features of The Guardian Concrete Shelter

Capacity: Varies from 6 to 16 person capacity

Interior Height: 6' and 6’2" (Extra Tall Height)

Ventilation: 6″ vent and 8" wind turbine vent

Steps / Ladder: 5 skid-resistant welded steel steps with handrail


  • Reinforced steel door and frame meet FEMA 320 and 361 standards and ICC 500 standard

  • The door has a gas spring assist for easy door opening

  • The door has a 3-point locking system 

Color: Standard color is concrete light gray

  • Optional decorative finishes are available in gray stone or brown rock finish for $400 more.

Warranty: 10-year manufacturer warranty 

Made in Oklahoma

brownflagstone 2.jpg
grayblock 2.jpg

Downloadable Snapshot of The Guardian Concrete Storm Shelter Specifications

American Tornado Shelter Association.png
Untitled design (3).png
Survivor Shelters A+ BBB Rating.png


Concrete storm shelters may come from multiple manufacturers depending on model and availability. All are fully compliant with FEMA storm shelter standards. Dimensions and quality will be consistent. However, there may be slight differences in the aesthetics i.e. look of the door, air vents, door shocks, etc.


Prices include delivery & installation within a Survivor Shelters location. Mileage or travel fee may be assessed if more than 50 miles from the nearest local installer. Please contact our office for further details or the location of the nearest installer.  


"Very pleased and thankful for the installers' hard work. I feel blessed to have it delivered and installed so fast. Claremore staff will walk you through the process and answer all your questions."

-Vicki Bowen
Guardian Shelter Landscaping.jpeg

Survivor Shelters FAQ

What size shelter do I need?

FEMA recommends three square feet of floor space for each person in a tornado shelter.


How long does it take to get a shelter?

Lead times vary depending on the season. Normal lead time is three to four weeks from the time of your order until your shelter is installed. During the spring and fall, tornado season lead time may increase to six to eight weeks. Expedited orders are available for additional costs.

What is the difference between a Guardian and Lifesaver?

The Lifesaver is our most accessible in-ground shelter model, with only a few poured concrete steps to get inside. These steps are less steep than the typical metal steps included with storm shelters. 

The Guardian has metal steps similar to a step ladder. This allows the shelter to be a bit deeper than the Lifesaver, giving you 6’2” of height rather than the Lifesaver’s 5’9”. The metal steps also have room behind them that many enjoy having available for storing chairs or other emergency supplies.

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