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The LifeSaver & Mini

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Our most popular storm shelter design, the LifeSaver Series, can be installed by Survivor Shelters in and around Claremore, Oklahoma. This shelter is highly suitable for the elderly, young children, and even pets due to the molded-in concrete steps as well as the safety handrail.


Reinforced and coated doors and frames lock in three areas for safety against storms while being easy to open with gas-assisted actuators. All of our concrete shelters come with the price of installation included as well as a 10-year manufacturer warranty. These shelters, like all of our concrete shelters, are made right here in Oklahoma.

Available LifeSaver Models & Capacity


5' x 4'6" x 5'9" tall with a 6 person capacity

LifeSaver 6X12-Large.png

5' x 7' x 5'9"' tall with a 12 person capacity

Features of The LifeSaver Concrete Shelter Series

Capacity: Varies from 6 to 12 person capacity

Ventilation: 6″ vent and 6" wind turbine vent

Steps / Ladder: Easy access concrete molded steps with safety handrail


  • Reinforced steel door and frame meet FEMA 320 and 361 standards and ICC 500 standard

  • The door has a gas spring assist for easy door opening

  • The door has a 3-point locking system for max security

Color: Optional decorative finishes are available for the full-size LifeSaver model in gray stone or brown rock finish for $800 more​

Warranty: 10-year manufacturer warranty 

Made in Oklahoma


Downloadable Snapshot of The LifeSaver Concrete Storm Shelter Series Specifications

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When A Storm Hits Too Close To Home

"Before we got our own storm shelter at our house, our only option was to go to a neighbor's house. The closest neighbor to us is ¼ of a mile. However, it isn’t a ¼ mile drive, it is a stone's throw. Therefore, it’s about a 5-minute drive away. This night in particular we had a storm coming, and we weren’t sure which route it was going to go. At some point, the storm started in our direction, and that’s when things got scary. Just like many other Oklahomans, we waited till the last minute. Jason, myself, and DJ piled into the car and sped over to our neighbor’s house all the while hearing the radio announcing that our area needed to take cover immediately. With Jason driving, the 5-minute drive only took about 2 1/2 minutes. DJ was little, but she was old enough to be aware. After the storm, we went back home. She started asking when we would be getting a storm shelter of our own. It was roughly 3-4 months later when we surprised her with her own in-ground storm shelter (LifeSaver Series). It was like Christmas! She ran and got on it and just sat. The feeling I had was one of relief and security now that I knew my family would be protected when the next storm blew in."

Testimonial from Erin Birdsong


Concrete storm shelters may come from multiple manufacturers depending on model and availability. All are fully compliant with FEMA storm shelter standards. Dimensions and quality will be consistent. However, there may be slight differences in the aesthetics i.e. look of the door, air vents, door shocks, etc.


Prices include delivery & installation within a Survivor Shelters location. Mileage or travel fee may be assessed if more than 50 miles from the nearest local installer. Please contact our office for further details or the location of the nearest installer.  

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"Very happy with the whole process of getting our in ground shelter installed. The crew was very knowledgeable, friendly, respectful of our property, prompt, and on time. Very informative. The shelter was placed exactly where we wanted it. They made sure we were happy before doing the backfill. I highly recommend the Survivor Shelters Team!"
-Christy Dover
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Survivor Shelters FAQ

Do I need to register my storm shelter with the authorities?

YES! You NEED to register your storm shelter with your local emergency management and local authorities so if you ever have to use your shelter you can be found.

How long does it take to install a shelter?

A typical in-ground shelter installation takes approximately two hours to complete. Excavating hard rock extends the time.

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