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Survivor Shelters Helps Protect Families and Communities

Whether you're a lifelong Midwesterner or new to the area, you are no doubt aware of the threat posed by major storms and tornadoes. Our mission at Survivor Shelters is to provide protection for families in those exact moments and to keep everyone of all ages safe throughout the storms. Come check out all of our models in our convenient showroom in Oklahoma.

Our welcoming and caring staff can help you from start to finish with assisting in choosing the storm shelter best for you and your family, obtaining building permits if needed, quick and easy installation, all the way to helping you register it with your local emergency management and local authorities.

Instead of relying on a closet, bathroom, or crawl space, consider investing in a storm shelter or safe room that meets and exceeds standards of FEMA. From our many warranty backed options of shelters made from concrete, steel, or fiberglass, we can help determine which is the right fit for you, your family, or your community.

Concrete shelters are an excellent in-ground option and all models come equipped with:

● FEMA Compliant Impact Door

● Walls and floors that are 4" thick reinforced and waterproofed concrete with strength of 6000 psi

● Doors poured in place to embed it in the shelter wall for added strength (versus bolt-on doors)

● Reinforced and coated doors and frames lock in three areas for safety against storms while being easy to open with gas-assisted actuators

● Multi-vent ventilation keeps the shelter well ventilated and assists with keeping the interior from feeling damp and musty smelling

● Models for 6 persons up to 16 persons, mini and jumbo options available

Steel is one of the best materials for storm shelters and safe rooms. Multiple models have walls as thick as 3/16" to 1/4" and include the option of custom built storm shelters.

Standing steel shelters and safe rooms for placement in garages:

● Can serve groups from 5 to 52 persons

● Multiple models which meet FEMA standards

● Handicap accessible models

● $200 in savings by paying in cash or check

● 10 year warranty

Storms can turn violent and even deadly in a matter of a few short minutes. Communities in the midwest have worked towards increasing protection to individuals and families where shelter may not have been available in times before. All of our community storm shelters and safe rooms meet FEMA standards and are wheelchair accessible with two points of entry.

Community Steel & Fiberglass Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms:

● Capacity from 9 to 26 persons as community shelters require more square feet per occupant

● Built in safety features including: fire extinguisher, chemical toilet, outside signage for community shelter, and emergency lighting

● "Z" braced doors with three dead bolt locks for maximum strength and security

● Enhanced ventilation

● Secured to concrete pad using special Hilti anchors

Protecting families ... that is really the focus of Survivor Shelters!

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