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Survivor Shelters sponsors Popular Storm Trackers for 2018

We are proud to announce that Survivor Shelters is the official 2018 sponsor of Darren Stephens and Pascal Von Schindell of the News On 6 StormTracker Team, and area independent storm tracker, Wendell Neal, for the 2018 storm season.

Each year, news storm coverage is greatly enhanced by the hard and dangerous work of our local storm trackers. These guys put themselves out there in harms way to provide the information and video footage to help keep Northeast Oklahoma informed and ultimately safe.

Our sponsorship helps keep these guys on the road covering not only tornado sitings, but also hail storms, snow and ice and pasture fires, and flooding. This continued partnership between Survivor Shelters and our chosen storm trackers will help accomplish our mutual goal - to keep our fellow Oklahomans safe when severe weather approaches.

We are extremely proud to have this opportunity to help keep them on the road while spreading the word of our storm shelters. Look for them representing Survivor Shelters at area parades and home/farm shows throughout 2018.

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