Steel Safe Rooms

Steel has become one of the best materials for building standing storm safe rooms.  There are also models available that are better suited for new home construction versus existing home remodel or add-on in a garage.

In March 2017, we doubled our available models, creating the largest selection we have ever had of high quality, steel safe rooms, and garage floor shelter models and sizes to fit any need or budget.

These are the best safe rooms you can find in Oklahoma and all shelters come with a 10-year warranty.

What makes our storm shelters stand apart:

  • Bullet-proof window provides safety and awareness of storm conditions to better know when it is safe to come out

  • Emergency entry method allows firefighters to access and unlock the door from outside if the person inside is passed out

  • 34 1/2" wide, swing-in door exceeds recommended ADA requirements of 32" for wheelchair and walker access

  • Bent steel wall to floor is stronger than floor mounts welded to walls and are much less likely to rust and weaken over time

  • 45 degree bent corners are stronger against impact than 90 degree welded corners

  • Welded C-channel bracing flows from walls to ceilings for added overall strength

  • 3/4" DeWALT Power-Stud+ SD1 anchors are three times as strong (shear strength) and twice as strong (tensile strength) as competitive anchors for safe rooms

  • Engage and disengage all locks simultaneously with our custom heavy-duty 3-pin locking system

  • Corner shelving doubles as added reinforcement and convenience

  • 10 Year Warranty on All Models

  • Custom colors are optional.  The standard color is blue with gray accents.  For custom colors, you can do one color for $75 extra, two-color (one for shelter and one for window and vent) for $150.  We use high-grade Sherwin-Williams paint.  Just pick your color swatch.

Safe Room customization is available.  For options on custom height, outswing doors, powder coating, etc., give our office a call.

Available Models                    Capacity 

4x4         4' x   4' x 6'2" Tall          5 person      

4x6         4' x   6' x 6'2" Tall          8 person      

4x8         4' x   8' x 6'2" Tall        11 person      

4x20       4' x 20' x 6'2" Tall        27 person      

6x6         6' x   6' x 6'2" Tall        12 person      

6x8         6' x   8' x 6'2" Tall        16 person      

6x10       6' x 10' x 6'2" Tall        20 person      

8x8         8' x   8' x 6'2" Tall        21 person      

8x10       8' x 10' x 6'2" Tall        27 person      

8x12       8' x 12' x 6'2" Tall        32 person      

8x16       8' x 16' x 6'2" Tall        42 person      

8x18       8' x 18' x 6'2" Tall        48 person      

8x20       8' x 20' x 6'2" Tall        53 person      

* Cash Price includes the $200 cash discount for paying by cash or check.

** Custom colors available on request.  Price is $75 for one color and $150 for two colors

NOTE:  Safe room models may come from multiple manufacturers depending on model and availability.  All are fully compliant with FEMA storm shelter standards.  Dimensions and quality will be consistent.  However, there may be slight differences in the aesthetics i.e. look of the door, air vents, etc.


Delivery and installation are included for all Steel Safe Rooms anywhere in Oklahoma.  Also, we do not install garage floor drop-in shelters outside the state of Oklahoma.  

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