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The Champion


Survivor Shelters proudly presents the Champion Shelter Series, our newest frontier in storm protection that marries strength, capacity, and style. Designed to cater to varying needs, this series offers three distinct models: Jumbo, Medium, and Small.


The Champion Shelter Series goes beyond functionality, offering an upright concrete shelter that integrates safety and offers a spectrum of choices for exterior aesthetics. The Small Champion showcases a sleek stacked block pattern, the Medium Champion has a textured wood and stacked stone look, while the Jumbo Champion stands out with a cobblestone pattern.

Join the ranks of those who prioritize safety without compromising on individuality and fortify your space with the new Champion saferoom. Reach out to Survivor Shelters today and take the first step towards a safer tomorrow.

Available Champion Models & Capacity


Small Champion - 5x7 with a 9 person capacity


Medium Champion - 6x8 with a 12 person capacity


Jumbo Champion - 7x9 with a 15 person capacity

Features of The Champion Saferoom

Capacity: Varies from 9 to 15 person capacity

Ventilation: Two vents situated on the roof of the shelter


  • Door Tested at Texas Tech University

  • Vertically reinforced 3/16 steel powder coated door with a triple latch system


  • The Jumbo Champion comes with a cobblestone pattern.

  • The Medium Champion features a textured wood and a stacked stone pattern.

  • The Small Champion has a stacked block pattern.

Warranty: 5-year manufacturer warranty

Made in Oklahoma


Downloadable Snapshot of The Champion Saferoom Specifications

American Tornado Shelter Association.png
Untitled design (3).png
Survivor Shelters A+ BBB Rating.png


Concrete storm shelters may come from multiple manufacturers depending on model and availability. All are fully compliant with FEMA storm shelter standards. Dimensions and quality will be consistent. However, there may be slight differences in the aesthetics i.e. look of the door, air vents, door shocks, etc.


Prices include delivery & installation within a Survivor Shelters location. Mileage or travel fee may be assessed if more than 50 miles from the nearest local installer. Please contact our office for further details or the location of the nearest installer.  


"They were on time, fast, and efficient. Very happy with our shelter!"

-Jennifer Vilte

Survivor Shelters FAQ

What size shelter do I need?

FEMA recommends three square feet of floor space for each person in a tornado shelter.


How long does it take to get a shelter?

Lead times vary depending on the season. Normal lead time is three to four weeks from the time of your order until your shelter is installed. During the spring and fall, tornado season lead time may increase to six to eight weeks. Expedited orders are available for additional costs.

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