Sometimes, there are cases where an underground storm shelter just isn't possible, but concrete construction is still desired.


Our above ground safe room features 6 inch thick walls and ceilings with steel rebar reinforcement. The door is 34 inches wide and 70 inches tall.  This safe room can easily be made wheel chair accessible


  • Shelter design to meet or exceed FEMA 

  • Shelter is designed for greater wind speeds than what is produced by an F5 tornado

  • Reinforced steel door has been tested and approved by the Texas Tech Wind, Science and Engineering Research Center.

  • Walls and ceiling are 6" thick  with steel rebar reinforcement

  • Reinforced and coated doors and frames lock in three areas for safety against storms.

  • Multi vent ventilation keeps the shelter well ventilated and assists with keeping the interior from feeling damp and musty smelling

Available Models                                            Capacity  

6x6 Safe Room        6' x 6' x 6' 6" tall             12 person  

4x8 Safe Room         4' x 8' x 6' 6" tall            12 person 

Decorative Safe Room w/ Slab  

                                 5'10" x 5'10" x 5'10" tall  12 person 

Decorative Safe Room without Slab

                                 5'10" x 5'10" x 6'4" tall    12 person 


  • Shelter is designed for greater wind speeds than what is produced by an F5 tornado•    

    • All units are cast using 4000+ PSI concrete. 

    • 6×6 or 6×4 Safe Room with 6” thick walls – 3/8” rebar, 6” on center

    • Monolithically poured for maximum strength

    • Attached to slab with Prime Gel 2000

  • Meets or exceeds FEMA standards and guidelines

  • Designed, built and certified to meet the NSSA Standard

  • Door tested by the Wind Science & Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech University

  • Can be made wheelchair accessible

  • Cell Phone and radio frequencies are not affected

  • Decorative finish in Brown Stone available

  • Comes with 10 Year Warranty from the manufacturer


Installation Requirements

  • Clearance to your shelter location will be required.  Our knuckle boom truck is approximately 14 feet tall.

  • Homeowner is responsible for checking to see if a building permit is required to install your above ground storm shelter. If required, homeowner is responsible for obtaining the correct permit.

  • Most municipalities require shelters to be 5 feet from property lines; verify your distance required.

  • Do not place shelters over underground utility lines or underneath hanging utility lines.

  • Do not place shelters in areas that may be subjected to flooding.

  • Put in a location that will be quickly and easily accessible.

  • You can excavate a hole for this shelter to set into, making the inside floor flush with ground.

  • You can build a ramp to make wheelchair accessible if this shelter is set on top of the ground.



Testing Specifications


  • Designed in accordance of FEMA 320 and 361 and ICC 500 standards

  • Door has been tested at Texas Tech Wind and Science Institute

NOTE:  Prices include delivery & installation within a Survivor Shelters location.  Mileage or travel fee may be assessed if more than 50 miles from the nearest local installer.  Please contact our office for further details or location of the nearest installer.  Click HERE to get started on a quote!